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Equipments Rollover program

Following are the equipments that are available with Asha Ek Hope Foundation for use by ALS/MND patients

  • Bi-pap Machine- Auto, INTL 761P
  • Portable Ventilator- LTV 950
  • O2Machine- NewLife
  • Nebulizer
  • Motorized Wheelchair
  • Manual Wheelchair
  • Neck collar
  • Shoulder Retraction Brace
  • Dorso Lumbar Spinal Brace
  • Hand Splints

The equipments are given for use at no cost to ALS/MND patients. After usage the patients/ family returns the equipment back to our foundation. Then the equipment can be given to next patient on request list. It will be given on 1st first come & 1st serve basis after social profiling.

If u need any of the following equipments for ALS/MND patients please contact us on watsapp at 8104546479 or email us at /


1. ALS/MND guide book

ALS/MND guide book is written by ALS experts to from the disease to empower people suffering from the disease. This book will shine a ray of hope in the lives of families struggling to overcome the challenges of ALS/MND. It is a holistic approach which include information about the disease, diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatments (medicines, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychological counseling, diet and nutrition management, motivation, assistive devices and advanced care). It takes into account the varied symptoms and stages of the disease which will direct the goals of management. The book can serve as a powerful tool to take best possible care of the patient. The book also compiles the recent advances and ongoing research in the field of ALS/MND. With emerging research in stem cell therapy and gene therapy we are confident that our dream of cure for MND/ALS will soon be a reality.

MND ALS guide book

2. Blink to Speak

BLINK TO SPEAK is the world’s first eye sign language created for paralyzed patients who cannot speak. Blink to speak is a set of 50 commands which can be used by anyone to speak with their eyes. With the help of patients and doctors a specific message was assigned to basic eye actions, covering the most common phrases needed in daily life. Patients whose body is paralyzed and has speech difficulties can use their eyes for communication. It is helpful for patients suffering from ALS / MND (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis / Motor Neuron Disease), Spinal Cord Injury (Quadriplegia – paralyzed below neck), Stroke, Cerebellar Ataxia, Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Head Injury, Parkinson’s Disease, Muscular Dystrophy and any other Neuro-degenerative disorder. Patients on a mechanical ventilator, with an alert mind, can also use it. These can be patients in an ICU (Intensive Care Unit) or patients with Bi-pap, C-pap or a home ventilator. This language will ease communication between patients and caregivers / family members. It can be a permanent or temporary aid for communication.


To download book click below:

3. Motivational Books

a) The Secret – by Rhonda Byrne

The Secret Book

b) Jonathan Livingston Seagull – by Richard Bach

Jonathan Livingston Seagull book

The complete edition of a timeless classic, includes the recently rediscovered Part Four and “Last words” by Richard Bach, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, the most inspirational fable of our time, tells the story of a bird determined to be more than ordinary.

We are a dedicated group towards well being of people with MND and their families. We understand the difficult problems they have to face due to the disease. We are well aware of their special needs and challenges to be met. We support them in all possible ways.

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